We at Coface are a leading credit insurance solutions provider, who have been supporting the development of trade since 1946. We are now a worldwide leader in domestic and export credit insurance, and have a reknowned reputation that we are extremely proud of. All our clients say they would highly recommend us to their friends and family, and other businesses.


  • Credit Insurance – Trade Credit Insurance (which are tailored to your needs), Global Solutions, Supporting Export Trade, Managing your policy, and Client Case Studies
  • Covering Political Risks
  • Assessing your Credit Risks – We have Online Business Information Reports and International Business Reports
  • Debt Management

There are so many benefits of getting Credit Insurance some of which include: Risk prevention, protection of your cash flow, your businesses development, secured trade finance, it creates a good supplier relationship, it will enhance your credit management, and most importantly it will give you peace of mind.

Whether you operate your business domestically or internationally, you should know the importance of protecting yourself against unpaid invoices and insolvencies, which can in the end impact your cash flow and pose a real threat to your company. With over 70 years of experience under our belt, our range of comprehensive credit insurance services are suited to all company sizes and aim to protect you against the risk of financial default by your customers.

Every day, our professional and friendly team located within 66 countries, secure the sales made by our 40,000 client companies in over 200 countries. As you can see, our services stretch quite far across the world! We keep a close partnership with all of our clients we advise at every stage of their business life cycle, helping them to evaluate their risks, to make the right decisions and evolve!

Since we first established all those years ago. we have evolved into the leading trade credit insurer, offering businesses political risk cover, business information and debt collection. Our aim is to ADVISE, GUIDE AND PROTECT! This in turn enables businesses to develop in a safer environment. In fulfilling this goal, we make use of key financial data for identifying and understanding particular risks and suggesting suitable insurance cover that will suit your companies individual needs

With companies non-payment and insolvency resulting in the ‘domino-effect’ where they face insolvency due to the insolvency of their suppliers and/or trading partners, we at Coface are here to help in any way we can! Why don’t you take Nigel Fields (International Director of Credit, 20th Century Fox) word for it, he says: “10 years ago the credit function was back of the business, now I am speaking with the Chairman, Finance Director, travelling all around the world, looking after the company’s money and Coface played a big part in all that”

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