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Websites For Business

Websites for business

In these days of E-Commerce, online advertising and marketing, Ebay, sales sites and more, most small businesses are aware of the necessity for a well constructed, attractive and useful for website, but surprisingly there are many SME’s out there who still have not utilized the internet as a sales and marketing tool for their company, and even more who are paying high fees for websites which are hard to manage and worse, don’t always meet the needs of the individual business.  In the early days of the World Wide Web, technology was new and the processors were clunky, so you needed skilled developers to develop and deploy a website.  These are traditionally very expensive, and have led to the evolution of new tools with which to create your websites and upload them to your provider, although they still required a certain level of design skill to ensure the websites looked professional.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems have been developed so that companies without in-house internet related technical expertise can actually manage their own websites content without the need for a web designer.  They allow for changes and additions to be made by the website owner rather than and expensive website designer.  The benefits include:
• Changes and additions can be made by your company instantaneously when required without requiring an agreed schedule with an outside website designer or needless delays.
• A reduction in the number of people needing to have input to the website, leading to:
• A more concise, streamlined authoring procedure
• Consistency in style and content
• More relevant, user friendly site navigation
• Better flexibility
• The ability to author the site from a variety of decentralized locations
• Author control avoiding unnecessary information duplication
• User controlled capacity for growth
• Massively reduced costs after initial set up
CMS sites are available with or without SEO (Search engine optimization) services depending on what you need the site to do.  For some, the website will be advertised clearly and used by regular customers.  For others, rankings on the major section and ease of finding is paramount, and this is where a cost effective SEO service really comes in to it’s own.  While in some instances it is necessary to perform on-going, long term SEO for sought after keywords, it isn’t always a requirement.  In the case of sought after terms for example 'Business Gas' or 'Business Electricity', this need for ongoing SEO is obvious.  The main points are:

1.) Keyword analysis
2.) Website Structure and Navigation
3.) Website Content
4.) Backlinks - relevant directory websites
5.) Backlinks - other relevant websites
6.) Backlinks - on relevant forums / blogs

And properly done, these points can make your website work in the way you need it to.  Look for an SEO company who are able to advise on the most effective and cost effective ways to achieve this, and do check the pricing structure as many organization insist on a monthly fee rather than campaign pricing, so it pays to do your research.
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