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Team Building

Team Building - Keys to Success

team building 

One of the most important factors in running a successful business is the creation of a cohesive, well structured team.  This may be company wide, or a sales team or particular department, but to ensure your company is running smoothly and productively, a good team spirit will work wonders for your business.

Organised team building exercises can help you to build your team, encouraging good relationships and inspiring trust amongst your employees.  These can take the form of games and tasks, from scavenger hunts to mystery games, or minor engineering ideas, like creating bridges from paper and tape.  Some you organise in the workplace, on specific days set aside for them, or in a more formal fashion at hotels or conference centres.  Working from within the office is useful, but getting away can make all the difference to how well this exercise will work for your company, as it removes the team members from their comfort zone and usual environment; and the change of scenery can be useful for improving office morale.

These away trips can take an afternoon, or develop into a longer term practical which might take a day or two to complete.  Some venues will happily take your business group booking and give you the space to perform your own activities (for which there are many guides available; as well as companies who will enthusiastically take all the preparation on board for you) and some run purposely created team building activities where all you and your employees need to do is arrive and participate.

The idea is usually for participants to take part in a challenge or task which requires different skills from different people to work.  The challenge may be physical or mental or indeed a combination of the two, but usually depends on taking individual strengths and building them into a solution which only works when the whole team is working in union.  They are usually fun, sometimes silly and a bit embarrassing, but for the most part can be an extremely useful tool for the employer.  They will give you an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your team individually and as a whole, and will help your team to form relationships that are use in the work place but on a more personal level.

Most hotels and conference centres with the facilities will then extend the experience into the evening, following the task with a purely social event which helps to cement the bonds created during the day, and provides some welcome relief for hard working employees.

team building and corporate success

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