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Small Business Logo Design

Small Business Logo Design

Setting up and running a small business can sometimes feel like a minefield of costs and it is tempting to examine those and cut back to the minimum while you are getting things up and running.

Which makes sense, but do make sure that you consider things like your company logo carefully before scrimping a step to far.  It might seem like an unnecessary expense, but this is actually an investment you should look at carefully.

Logo making websites are all very well and good, but can look like what they are, a quick cheap fix created from stock images with very little real imagination, and in these tech savvy days, the public will see this, which doesn’t present your organisation in it’s best light, does it? A thoughtful, well designed logo conveys that you are proud of your business, professional and proactive; investing in your business for a secure future and willing to spend on quality.

A good logo should make it clear what you do, and how you do it, while being memorable enough to stand out from the crowd.  The idea is to get the message across quickly, so that when the logo is seen on a vehicle, or in an advert, the viewers mind can immediately unravel it to understand your product and your company ethos.  Research her is key.  Firstly, decide how you want the company to be perceived.  Small, local, friendly? Corporate, professional, reassuringly expensive? You need to make sure it is original and not impinging on copyright, but take the time to look around and see what sort of images and colours jump out at you, and convey the sort of message you need to get across.

Keep it fairly simple – this will make a logo more memorable.  Look closely at fonts when talking to your graphic designer – you would be amazed at what a difference the right font can make, and you will quickly see that the wrong one can give entirely the wrong image.
It is also a good idea to have something designed which can be easily altered to fit different advertisement, leaflets, letterheads and vehicles – after all a sign above your premises will likely be different dimensions to a small advert or business card, so it will help if it is easy to adapt.
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