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Recruiting in Herts

How do we recruit the right staff?

Various methods can be used to recruit new staff including local newspapers, on-line job websites (Herts Jobs 24) and recruitment agencies and consultants.

On-line Hertfordshire jobs websites

With job web sites it is probably best to find an agency that can post your whole advert on all of the jobs websites. That company will even assist you in writing the on-line job advert advising of the use of good key words. The advantage of this form of advertising is that you are not usually limited to the number of words you use in each job posting. Also, the agency will post your advert onto all or most of the job board websites and you will not have to do each one individually. You should pay a one off fee for all the websites and your advert should run for at least a month. Whilst the web is world wide. You should ensure that your on-line job advert covers the areas that you want to recruit via. Most on-line jobs sites will expect you to search for jobs via town, county or post code, but you should also mention all the catchment areas within your advert, For example a company based in St Albans, Hertfordshire would want to mention in the advert that applicants from Harpenden, Hatfield, Hertford, Watford, Hemel Hempstead, Hitchin and Stevenage are all welcome. Finally for Hertfordshire the Herts Jobs 24 web site is a good place to put an advert including the Herts Advertiser newspaper

Recruitment agencies in Hertfordshire

Recruitment agencies can take alot of the burden away from the job of recruitment and filling those important job roles for you. Recruitment agencies will advertise the relevant jobs you need to be filled, as well as taking responsibility for the vetting of the CVs, initial interviewing. They will arrange the interviews and date/times to suit you. You will however pay a percentage of the annual salary that you start any employee on. Percentages can vary from 10% to 25% and you should negotiate the best rate. Another area to be aware of in their terms and conditions is the rebate periods. If for example the person you employ via the recruitment agency does not work out then you will have to pay in full if the rebate period has been passed. A 100% rebate period should be negotiated from 4 to 6 weeks.

Local Newspapers - Hertfordshire Job pages

You are responsible end to end for the recruitment process. The newspaper recruitment staff will advise you of the best advert that will attract the correct people for the various jobs you are recruiting into. you will find that the recruitment section in the papers is the most expensive section of the newspapers for buying advertisement space. However you should still make sure that your advert in the paper stands out amongst the rest to ensure that you get a good response for the jobs you have advertised. Ensure that your companies website is clearly displayed in your jobs advert, as the prospective employees can then hopefully do some market research on your company prior to coming for the job interview. You should also avoid placing jobs adverts just prior to Christmas and right in the height of summer, as the response rates to jobs do decrease. In Hertfordshire the Herts Advertiser makes a good newspaper to place an advert and like most newspapers the newspaper recruitment staff will also make sure that your advert is placed on their on-line recruitment section. The Review newspaper also covers most of the Hertfordshire towns for jobs and recruitment of staff

[LINK HREF="http://www.hertsbusinessesdirectory.co.uk/jobs-recruitment-agencies-employment-services" LINK]Recruitment cmpanies in Hertfordshire[LINKEND]

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