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Credit - What is the Score?

Credit - What is the Score?

When you apply for a new credit card or a bank loan or you want to take advantage of a dealer’s special finance offer when buying a new car or suite of furniture, they can confirm whether or not you’re ‘eligible’ in a matter of seconds.  How do they do that when personal information is so tightly controlled these days? The answer is that they can check your credit score.
Your credit score - some firms call it a credit rating - gives lenders and retailers a simple code that shows your credit worthiness
Your personal credit score is based on what credit reference agencies know about you, your finances and your financial history.  Every time you take out a mortgage, open a new account or sign up for a loan you also agree that the lender can share information about your arrangement.  Credit reference agencies collect this data and other information about you that is openly available from public sources such as the Electoral Roll and County Court Judgements and compile your personal credit report.  Your credit report forms the basis of your credit score.

You can see and review your personal credit report and with direct access to it online, you can use tools to monitor all your financial and credit information, including:

  • All your bank accounts and credit card transactions, payments, standing orders and direct debits
  • Registered disputes and defaults and any court judgements made against you or warnings at your address.
  • Personal identity, property and residential information

Your credit report shows every update to your financial record – all the payments you have made, your credit applications and any accounts you may have opened or closed.  Checking your credit report can alert you to suspicious activity.  If a change has been made that you don’t recognise, that might suggest an attempt at identity theft.  And the sooner you spot a threat, the more you can do about it.

Your credit score is a critical factor in securing the loans and finance you need - at the best rates available - to live the life you want.  Maybe it’s time to check that your credit score is doing you justice.
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