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The Hertfordshire Business Directory


The Hertfordshire Business Directory is the best resource for everything from accountants and solicitors to conference centres and office cleaning.  The website and magazine is your reference source for services, suppliers and all things associated with the county of Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas including: St Albans, Watford, Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage and Hitchin.

If you are a Hertfordshire based business, please do add a free entry to the directory using the link at the top of the page, or give us a call on 01582 488385 to chat about our various enhanced listings including colour display advertisements and direct links to your site.

Our latest hard copy, The Hertfordshire Business Directory is filled with glossy, full colour listings, interesting and helpful advice and features and much, much more.  Find us on the shelves in newsagents, as well as at major shows and retailers nationwide.

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All accountants / bookkeeping, hotels, conference exhibition centres, training providers, solicitors, management consultants, office cleaning, jobs in

Bishops Stortford, Harpenden, Hatfield, Hemel Hempstead, Hertford, Hitchin, Letchworth / Welwyn Garden City, St Albans or St.  Albans, Stevenage, Ware, Watford and the whole of Herts, as well as Beds, Bucks and Cambs.

So please, if you are a business associated with accountants / book keeping, hotels, conference exhibition centres, training providers, management consultants, solicitors, office cleaning, jobs or any of the above services then feel free to add your free listing.

The list of accountants, hotels, conference exhibition centres, training providers, management consultants, solicitors, office cleaners, Hertfordshire jobs, etc is ever growing.

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accountants / auditing & bookkeeping / taxation (253)   accounts | finance and taxation | insurance (303)
ambulance service (2)   building contractors & building services (640)
building surveyors (0)   business/information services (175)
car hire | mini bus and van hire| taxis | commercial vehicle services (249)   car sales/repairs & allied services (108)
catering, conferences, hospitality and exhibition services (264)   chartered financial planners (1)
clothing/workwear (2)   commercial cleaning services / office cleaners (162)
commercial offices | property | estate agents | maintenance services (98)   communications | telecommunications (38)
computer services | web design | networking (337)   corporate services (317)
electronics - pcb (2)   environmental consultants (2)
environmental specialists & consultants (2)   event organisers / conference production (45)
fire protection (1)   first aid training (0)
food & hygiene (1)   forklift sales (1)
forklift training (0)   forklift training (1)
forklifts (2)   golf & country clubs hertfordshire (13)
health & safety consultancy (10)   health & safety | security | environmental consultants (214)
hertfordshire business services and solutions (987)   hotels / conference centres - hertfordshire (75)
interactive technology (1)   it support (1)
jobs | recruitment agencies | employment services (97)   kitchens & bathrooms (2)
legal services (2)   marketing & strategic communications (1)
marketing services | print | design | public relations | advertising (347)   office equipment/fitters/fixtures/stationery & supplies (33)
plumbing & heating (4)   printing services (11)
promotional gifts / trophies corporate giftware and clothing (14)   recruitment consultants / employment services (14)
roller shutter (2)   sales & lettings (1)
sculptures (1)   security services (19)
solicitors / legal advice for company law (72)   stationary supplies (3)
surveyors - chartered (55)   trackers (2)
training / management consultants / education (258)   travel agencies/travel management/ground handlers (29)

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Reducing your business energy costs

If you run a business and are wholly responsible for your business gas and electricity costs, then you should check your existing utility supplier prices.  Then you must get comparisons and potentially make some savings.  An energy broker or consultant can do all the hard work for you, saving you both time and money! For further details or more information click here

Finding an Accountant

Finding an accountant can be a time consuming task, but at the same time it is critical that every business finds an accountant that meets your taxation and accounting needs.  Whether you are a sole trader or a director of a limited company it is imperative that you find an accountant that can meet all your business requirements.  Most importantly you want to ensure that you and your company are paying the correct tax and are as tax efficient as you can possibly be. 

Dependant on the size of your company in terms of number of employees and / or the turnover (profit) of your company may be an important factor in determining the right accountant for your business.  You will find accountants that primarily deal with small businesses - i.e., sole traders and other accountants that will only deal with larger limited companies.  The price that you pay for your accountants in Hertfordshire is usually determined by the number of employees / turnover of your company.  At the same time the amount of work that you give to your accountant will clearly determine the price you pay him.  Another determining factor in finding an accountant is his / her proximity from your place of work.  It is usually best to be within 30 to 40 miles from your accountant's offices, as you will no doubt need to meet him / her several times a year.  In addition there can be a lot of information that you will need to provide him / her with, which you will not want to lose in the post such as invoices, purchase and sales as well as bank statements. 

A creative accountant is essential as they will no doubt come up with the best tax benefits for you.  Also it is imperative to ensure your accountant is knowledgeable on any account changes, as the government frequently changes legislation, tax codes and amounts.  Learn some current taxation / accounts legislation changes yourself and test your accountant's knowledge yourself.

The following considerations should be taken into account - Do you want your accountant to do your Year End Accounts, Payroll, VAT, Management Accounts , your personal accounts? If you live in Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire the accountants in this directory should all meet your local needs. 

Why do we need a Solicitor

Solicitors can be essential in any legal battles or any employment disputes you may have.  From the small company perspective they can be used to ensure that your employment contracts with your employees are legally standing.

Solicitors can also be used to represent you in court cases or preventing court cases where for example you may in dispute over the monies you owe your supplier from services that have been provided.

You can use this business directory to find
solicitors, legal services and solicitors in Stevenage , Hemel Hempstead Watford, Stevenage, Hitchin, Hatfield and St Albans.

Hotels In Hertfordshire

There are a lot of hotels In Hertfordshire that can be used for numerous business functions, when otherwise your own offices may not suit.

Hotels have corporate function rooms that can be used for various business activities such as an in-house training courses.  Whilst you may have the space in your own business premises, it can be a good idea to train you staff in a fresh environment away from the distractions of phones ringing or other members of staff distracting them.  Employees will also see the training at a hotel as a company perk.

Other business uses for hotels include seminars to customers and prospective customers and in many instance the hotels will be able to provide all the necessary equipment to host such an event such as overhead projectors.

Many business events such as exhibitions, business breakfast meetings can also be held at Hertfordshire hotels.

Finally of course you may have suppliers or customers that you are meeting and the distance they have travelled means that they need to stay overnight, again the hotels in Hertfordshire will obviously be able to accommodate your overseas customers.

So if you are in Hertfordshire then check out the Hotels in St Albans, Stevenage, Watford, Hitchin, Hemel Hempstead, Harpenden and Hatfield.  For that matter any of the towns in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas there will be Hertfordshire Hotels listed.

Finally, if you or your colleagues are about to married then many of the hotels in Hertfordshire can provide the ideal wedding venue.  You can check wedding venues (Hotels) in Hertfordshire by clicking here.

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